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Time to Light The Night!!!

Help us to do some #teamsonnyssunshine things and #spreadsunshine!!! From Sonny’s Mother today: Well my loves, I made it past the 365 day mark. The 365 days past the last time I saw her smile, the last time I hugged her, and the last time I could whisper a prayer in her ear. I allowed myself space and time to feel every last emotion. I have to say that without each of you, I am sure I could not have made it. It is now Spring(in most places) and it is time to find the new in all; the rebirth. I am ready, but I still will need your love, prayers and support. It is time to walk in my unapologetic purpose. It is time to take everything to the next level. With that, I am excited to say that it is time to start the 2018 Light the Night Campaign in Memory and Honor of the beautiful spirit of Sonny. Please consider sharing, joining our team, or volunteering for a walk near you. Please consider sharing our team page, sponsoring us on a corporate or personal level. Most of all, please commit to showing cancer WE WILL WIN!!!! There is so much more to come. #joinus #advocate #donate #itspersonal #joinus #lls #noonefightsalone #donatelife #Leukemiaawareness #endbloodcancer #lymphomaawareness #bethematch #donatelife #sunflowers #spreadsunshine #teamsonnyssunshine 

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