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#JoinUs: Day 29 Of A Month Of Sonny: Posing For Pictures For Nana—

Day 29 of a Month of Sonny: Posing For Pictures For Nana——If you knew Sonny you knew that she just adored her Nana. We lived three doors down from Nana when Sonny was born. The first five years of her life was spent going to see what Nana was doing on almost a daily basis and mostly at Sonny’s request. Almost exactly nine months to Sonny being born I had lost my Grandmother to cancer. I had a special connection to her. It was important to me that Sonny have the same and being that Nana was so close it was a natural fit. Sonny would always allow for pictures when Nana asked. She often made funny faces or struck her famous model poses. This was one of my favorites. During the construction of our home Sonny was her Daddy’s sidekick. On this day she watched him out in the yard with her Poppa while they were taking a tree down. I am sure she is keeping a close watch on everyone with her Poppa right by her side. Ironically they too would both be taken by cancer just like my Grandmother. I cannot tell you how much I HATE cancer!!!! #joinus #advocate #donate #itspersonal #strikeapose #lls #humor #lilmodel #donatelife #Leukemiaawareness #beatingcancerisinourblood #lightthenight #myerie #endbloodcancer #lymphomaawareness #bethematch #donatelife #sunflowers #spreadsunshine #teamsonnyssunshine 

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