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#JoinUs: 31 Days of Sonny to Kick Off Light the Night Campaign

Here we are in July. The sixth July Sonny's mother has been without her baby. The world continues to be turned upside down over and over. Many more people close to me have heard the words “You have cancer.” Sadly several have lost their battles. NOW more than ever, I want to continue to

#spreadsunshine. Now more than ever we want to #advocate for #cancerresearch. A pandemic certainly has NOT stopped cancer! The unrest across the globe has NOT stopped cancer! It makes cancer an even more frightening experience; as if that was possible! Again, this year we want the #31DaysofSonny to #celebratelife, to honor those who are no longer with us and to support those that fight. We ask that if you have a special memory of Sonny or someone that you would like to honor/support that you share your stories with me. We have 31 days to shine a light as bright as Sonny’s smile and celebrate her while we show cancer who is in control!! I humbly ask that you select this link and #joinus!! #donate #itspersonal #lls #endchildhoodcancer #lightthenight #Leukemiaawareness #endbloodcancer #lymphomaawareness #sunflowers #livingfortwo #spreadsunshine #teamsonnyssunshine #donatebonemarrow #sheiseverywhere

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