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#JoinUs: The 2020 Team Sonny’s Sunshine Shirts Are IN!!!!!

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The official 2020 honorees are:

Terry Hatzes Anderson

Paula Aviles

Tony Aviles

Linda  Bebko-Jones

Laura Beck

Gabriella  Blose

John Blose

Luke Bogar

Harlie Bolt

Mary Bray

Daniela Bright

Albert Brink, Jr

Gloria Brown

Kenny Pal Brown

Holly I. Bussing

Bob Carlson

Joseph Clark

Emily Collins

James Conner

Hollynn Copeland

Selmer Cue

James Dale

Johnnie Davis

Johnny Demarco

Kendra Dennis

Audrey Dick

Dana Drew

Mary E

Mikie Edinger

Shelley Erwin

Tony Estes

Barbara Evans

Tracy Farr

Becky Faulhaber

Justin Fish

Cynthia Franz

Jan Fritz

Shirlee Froehlich

Shirley Gaines

Roza Gazarova

Margaret Giles

Leigh Giles-Brown

Rose Glover

Yvette Gonzales

Mark Goodman

Sonata "Sonny" Greishaw

Michele Gresham

Sonya Louise Grooms Ayers

Kimberly Hare

Zula Harris

Betty (Ocelene) Harrison

Mary Kathyrin Harroun

Marianne Hetzel

Brian Hill

Kinley Inich

Shelley Irwin

Jason Jenkins

Curtis Jeter

Leslie Johnson

Melanie Johnston

Sonia Katsadas

Drew Kaufmann

Ashley Nicole Kossbiel

Stephanie Lang

Austin Lee

Valerie Lewis

Patty Lunge

Isaiah M

Violet M.Normand

Peyton Madura

Chad Marlow

Patty Marnella

Terry Maxwell

Terrell Maxwell, Sr.

Brad McRae

Phillip Miller

Dana Moore

Celeste Mustafa

Sarah Michelle Nelson

Iva Jean Noe

Ronald J Ochs, Jr.

Ronald J Ochs, Sr.

Helene Paci

Jean Elise Parsell

Cassie Parsons

Connie Parsons

Ryan Parsons

Betty Patterson

Natalia Petrashevskaya

Fabian R

Gertrude Reedy

Kodah Roth

Kaylie Sauls

Diane Scavo

Leslie Scavo

Erin Scheloske

Janice Skarzenski

Michael Sparks

Nicole Spiegel

Becky Sprowls

Frank Sprowls

Judy Sprowls

Gary Stanbro

Mckynzie Steere

Jax Stone

Ellijah T. Kelly

Theresa Tatters

Lucille Patrone Taylor

Tonya Treese

Henry "GP Stunna" Washington

Natalie White

Earl Wilber

Elba Williams

Jennifer Williams

Rocky Williams

Dianne Willis

Corey Yelkovich

Betty Young

Order here:

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