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We are currently taking preorders for the 2022 Light the Night Team Sonny’s Sunshine team t-shirt!!!


We want to honor those who have been able to beat cancer, those who are currently fighting cancer or those we have lost to cancer. All proceeds go to fund cancer research and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 


The team logo is a replica of Sonny's sunflower and compass tattoo  (Done courtesy of Brandy Artz, Tattoo Artist). We ask that you not only wear them to honor cancer patients, but that you wear them when you travel or are participating in activities that bring you joy!  Sonny loved to travel and we would love for you to take her with you.  No matter what you choose to do when you wear it, remember to always #spreadsunshine and share with the hashtag #teamsonnyssunshine when you post on social media.


*Note: Graphic names are an example for layout visual. Infant sizes may not have names listed due to size. All shirts have the logo on the front.  


The names of our 2022 honorees are: 


Yevette Andrews

Johnnie Mae Atkinson

Paula Aviles

Tony Aviles

Linda Bebko-Jones

Carol Biletnikoff

Jaden Blair

Sinceray Blair

Gabrielle Blose

John "Johnny" Blose, Jr

John Blose, Sr

Angela Bradish

Albert Brink, Jr

Barbara C

Bob Carlson

Mary Carpin

Lillian D'Agaro

Dana Dawson

Johnny Demarco

Alice Deptula

Keven Dixon, Jr

Samantha Dixon

Dana Drew

Mikie Edinger

Cynthia Franz

Ben Frazier

Jan Fritz

Shirley Gaines

Debera Garris

Willie Mae Glover

Mark Goodman

Sonata "Sonny" Greishaw

Kimberly Hare

Zula Harris

Betty (Ocelene) Harrison

James Hawkins

Marianne Hetzel

Brian Hill

Abrielle Hillard

Clarence "Hank" Holden

Katrina Holden

Kinley Inich

Curtis Jeter

Mark Kageyama

Christine Kalkhof

Sonia Katsadas

Drew Kaufmann

Douglas Kolcun

Ashley Nicole Kossbiel

Ollie Landi

Peyton Madura

Kristen Maloney

Michelle Malone

Terry Maxwell

Terrell Maxwell, Sr.

Harley T. McBride

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Brad McRae

Dana Moore

Crystal Morton

Sarah Nelson

Claudia Parker

Erick Parsell

Jean Elise Parsell

Cassie Parsons

Connie Parsons

Ryan Parsons

Betty Patterson

Noelle Pierce

Coqueace KoCo Powell

Jelien Ramos

Gertrude Reedy

Nicole Spiegel

Gary Stanbro

Jax Stone

Tonya Treese

Nancy Upton

Henry “GP Stunna” Washington

Patrick Wegemer

Carl “Ed” Wittenmyer

2022 Team Sonny's Sunshine T-Shirt

  • Refunds available within 30 days of purchase

  • Shipping Via US Postal Service

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