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Why We Advocate: Lessons in Terminal Illness

This video was shared with us this evening. Many of the things in it were shared between Sonny and her mother in conversations leading up to Sonny’s passing. Conversations that no 20 something should ever have to allow to leave their minds or lips. 

We wanted to in turn share it with you. Life can seem so overwhelming in many areas pre diagnosis that will seem entirely trivial post diagnosis. This holds true for patients, caregivers, loved ones and friends.

This video that we would like to share is of a 27 year old Austrailian woman who recently lost her battle with cancer. She pens a letter that goes viral about what she feels are the truly important things in life as well as advocates for being a blood donor. We feel this is worthy of sharing because it echoes who Sonny was to a degree and what she experienced while navigating cancer and her own mortality. 

If you are having a so called “bad day”, we encourage you to watch this and hope it gives you perspective into what really should be the things that matter while we are navigating this Earthly life. May all of those who have crossed over rest in peace. May all of those that still fight realize that no matter the outcome, cancer cannot take your perspective or the essence of who you are. 

Until we all meet again, live your lives on purpose and for a purpose. Please read and share this story of Holly; an amazing young woman. 

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