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#JoinUs: Day 15 Of A Month Of Sonny—Birthdays, Beads and Sonny Belle

Day 15 of a Month of Sonny: Birthdays, Beads and Sonny Belle——Oh this picture breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same stinking time. Sonny was always my biggest gift, but she made my birthdays so special; from making me jewelry like the beads she is wearing in this picture, to sending me surprises and making sure there was always a baked good to celebrate with. I turned 40 just 12 days after her diagnosis. We were in the hospital for a three week stint and gearing up for rounds of chemo. The last thing on my mind was a stupid birthday. Despite barely being able to eat for herself, she made her sweet Nana find cupcakes so we could celebrate my birthday. She was absolutely selfless to the very end. I have seen this picture hundreds of times, but today I noticed the number on the cake for what feels like the very first time. 23!! Her birth date!! It makes me smile thinking she maybe wanted me to know that she was near, but I also cannot help but think how unfair it is that we could not celebrate HER 23rd birthday together. Celebrate something or someone special today. Bake a cake, eat a muffin. Just love on your people!! You never know when the last celebration will be. #joinus #advocate #donate #itspersonal #birthdaylove #lls #noonefightsalone #donatelife #Leukemiaawareness #somedayistoday #celebratelife #cake #muffins #beads #23 #besweet #beatingcanceeisinourblood #lightthenight #myerie #endbloodcancer #lymphomaawareness #bethematch #donatelife #sunflowers #spreadsunshine #teamsonnyssunshine 

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