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Day 20 Of A Month Of Sonny: Road Trips, Random Stops and Seeing Sonny Everywhere

Day 20 of a Month of Sonny: Road Trips, Random Stops and Seeing Sonny Everywhere—-This picture was taken in Hawaii. Whenever we traveled we never had a set itinerary. We had ideas of what we may like to do, but we flew by the seat of our pants usually. I loved random self guided exploration with her as my copilot. We were on one of those day time jaunts and we stumbled across this old store as we walked the main strip of this small town. And of course we found some place to eat after. You cannot tell it by that smile, but she was irritated with me because I wanted to stop and take this picture. I am so glad that I did. I wish I would have taken a million more irritating pictures. For all of the young people, be patient with your parents. They love you and want to catch a special moment. Parents, don’t be afraid to irritate your kids to make memories. You all will be grateful for it later! Share some of your favorite memories with us!! #joinus #advocate #donate #itspersonal #lls #randomadventures #donatelife #Leukemiaawareness #somedayistoday #smilebig #makememories #Hawaii #beatingcancerisinourblood #lightthenight #myerie #endbloodcancer #lymphomaawareness #bethematch #donatelife #sunflowers #spreadsunshine #teamsonnyssunshine 

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